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Welcome to the official website of author Michael J. Cooper. If you like your historical fiction centered in the Middle East with action, unexpected twists, mystery, elements of Freemasonry, Knights Templar, Kabbalah, a dash of romance, hidden history, and the promise of reconciliation and peace, you've come to the right place...

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Grand prize winner - 2022 CIBA Dante Rossetti Award for YA fiction
First place honors - 2022 CIBA Hemingway Award for wartime fiction
#1 Amazon Best Seller—Jan 2024—Historical World War I Fiction

In the summer of 1914, sixteen-year-old Evan Sinclair leaves home to join the Great War for Civilization. Little does he know that, despite the war raging in Europe, the true source of conflict will emerge in Ottoman Palestine, since it's from Jerusalem where the German kaiser dreams to rule as Holy Roman Emperor. Read more and view the storyline
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"Masterful storytelling will keep you furiously turning the pages of this
compelling historical WWI novel. A winner!"
   —Andrew Kaplan, NYT bestselling author of Blue Madagascar, as well as the Homeland novels and the Scorpion series

"In this absorbing offering... Cooper explores several plot strands that hold historical significance, including the Arab desire for independence, the Zionist movement, and Western interest in Middle Eastern oil and control of Jerusalem. The pace is steady, allowing Cooper to plumb various facets of the war as it unfolds, with special emphasis on its Middle Eastern front as he skillfully braids the disparate plot strands together into a cohesive narrative with... suspense and tension."
   —Publishers Weekly